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Microgrid Assisted Design for Remote Areas...

by Guodong Liu, Zhi Li, Yaosuo Xue, Kevin Tomsovic
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In this work, we present a three-stage multiobjective mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) for the optimal expansion planning and operation of isolated multienergy microgrids in remote areas. By selecting the optimal distributed generators (DGs) and energy storage systems (ESSs) mix selection, siting, sizing, and scheduling in the remote microgrid, the proposed model is targeted to minimize the annualized total cost of microgrids while enhancing the performance of the system, i.e., minimizing the voltage deviations and line power loss. To represent the electricity and heat flow between generation resources and various electrical, heating, and cooling loads in the isolated microgrid, linearized power flow, and heat flow constraints are employed in the proposed optimization model. The available capacity of DGs and ESSs are modeled as discrete constants instead of continuous variables for practical purpose. Numerical simulation results on a remote microgrid consisting of DGs, ESSs, and various loads validate the proposed method.