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Improving mechanical properties of carbon and tool steels via chromizing

by Tomas Grejtak, Jun Qu
Publication Type
Journal Name
Advances in Applied Ceramics: Structural, Functional and Bioceramics
Publication Date
Page Numbers
215 to 225

Steels are commonly used in high-performance demanding applications due to their favourable mechanical properties. Various surface engineering techniques have been developed for steels, among which chromizing is an affordable high-throughput case-hardenig process for improved surface hardness and wear resistance while retaining the substrate ductility and toughness. In this work, tribological testing along with nano- and micro-indentation and morphological and composional characterisation were used to understand the effects of the chromizing process on the AISI 1095 carbon steel, 52100 bearing steel and A2, D2 and M2 tool steels. The results of this study demonstrate that the chromizing treatment of low-cost 1095 and 52100 steels significantly improves their wear and hardness properties to a level comparable to the more costly tool steels. While chromizing also increased the hardness of the tool steels, it had little improvement on the wear resistance for the D2 and M2 tool steels.