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Improved MPACT energy deposition and explicit heat generation coupling with CTF...

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Annals of Nuclear Energy
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The CASL neutronics code MPACT assumes local energy deposition with equilibrium delayed energy for steady-state and transient calculations. These approximations limit the accurate representation of the heat generation in space and its variations over time, both of which are essential for power distribution and thermal–hydraulic coupling analyses. This paper presents an explicit energy deposition model considering the neutron and gamma heating of all regions and the time-dependent delayed energy. The MPACT/CTF interfaces are updated to transfer the explicit heat sources. The new model agrees well with MCNP for problems without thermal–hydraulic feedback. The MPACT/CTF coupled calculation for a hot-full-power quarter-core case using the new model exhibits a reduction of peak pin power by 2.3% and fuel centerline temperature by 17 K. The new model also shows a keff difference up to −100 pcm in depletion and a 30 K peak fuel temperature reduction in a reactivity-initiated-accident problem.