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Implanted Guard Ring Edge Termination With Avalanche Capability for Vertical GaN Devices

Publication Type
Journal Name
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
Publication Date
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1481 to 1487

Edge termination is the key building block in power devices to enable near-ideal, avalanche breakdown voltage (BV). This work presents the design, fabrication, and physics of a GaN guard ring (GR) edge termination formed by selective-area nitrogen implantation through an epitaxial p-GaN layer. The fabrication of this termination only includes a single implantation step that does not require precise control of implant depth, rendering a large process latitude. The selective-area implantation produces p-GaN rings that are separated by the implanted, semi-insulating regions. The number and spacing of the p-type rings are found to determine the BV of the vertical GaN p-n diode. The 16-ring structure enables a BV of 1800 V, being 88% of the theoretical 1-D parallel-plane limit. Avalanche characteristics are observed in devices with a large variety of GR designs. Finally, we present a comprehensive survey on the efficiency, fabrication complexity, real estate, and avalanche capability of various edge termination techniques that have been reported in vertical GaN devices. The high efficiency (among the highest reported in avalanche-capable GaN terminations), simple and robust fabrication process, and uniform avalanche capability make this implanted GR a promising edge termination for high-voltage GaN devices.