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Impact of Radial Reflector Fidelity on Neutronics and Vessel Fluence Simulations...

by Shane G Stimpson, Tara M Pandya, Katherine E Royston, Benjamin S Collins, Andrew T Godfrey
Publication Type
Journal Name
Nuclear Technology
Publication Date
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1 to 14

The Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors is developing the Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA), and the MPACT code, which is the primary deterministic neutron transport solver in VERA, provides sub-pin level flux and power distributions as part of full-scale cycle depletion and analysis. In such calculations, an important aspect is the radial reflector treatment. To improve the fidelity of the radial reflector treatment, MPACT was extended to approximate the modeling of the reactor’s structural components such as the core shroud, barrel, neutron pads, and vessel. This work explores several modeling configurations with varying levels of fidelity and computational burden and assesses the importance of modeling fidelity on the eigenvalue and pin power distribution.