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Impact of multimode range and location on urban fuel economy on a light-duty spark-ignition based powertrain using vehicle sy...

by Scott J Curran, Robert M Wagner
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
SAE Technical Paper Series
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Conference Name
WCX SAE World Congress Experience (2020 SAE WCX)
Conference Location
Detroit, Michigan, United States of America
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SAE International
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Multimode engine operation uses two or more combustion modes to maximize engine efficiency across the operational range of a vehicle to achieve higher overall vehicle fuel economy than is possible with a single combustion mode. More specifically for this study, multimode solutions are explored that make use of boosted SI under high load operation and other advanced combustion modes such as advanced compression ignition (ACI) under part-load conditions to enable additional engine efficiency improvements across a broader range of the engine operating map. ACI combustion has well-documented potential to improve efficiency and emissions under part-load operation but poses challenges that limit full engine speed-load range. This study investigates the potential impact of ACI operational range on simulated fuel economy to help focus research on areas with the most opportunity for improving fuel economy. These simulations make use of a vehicle model, discretized engine data, and employ a systematic exploration of ACI operational range to estimate multimode fuel economy for a mid-size passenger vehicle over U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule. The results of this study highlight operational ranges with the highest potential fuel economy and correspondingly areas of focus for multimode research and ACI engine operation1.