Scott Curran

Scott Curran

Scott Curran



Ph.D. in Energy Science and Engineering, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2014

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2009

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville, 2007 

Dr. Scott Curran is a research and development staff member in the Fuels and Engines Research Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). He leads the advanced compression ignition experimental research including the development of advanced combustion concepts and investigating the fuel effects on advanced combustion modes. The findings from this pre-competitive research have led to more than 38 peer-reviewed publications with more than 715 citations. . He is also involved in vehicle systems research projects, well-to-wheels analysis for mobile and stationary power sources, the ORNL Sustainable Campus Initiative and is an active collaborator with DOE Clean Cities for alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technology outreach and education and serves on the board of directors for the East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition. He served as the vehicle lead for the ORNL Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) project where ORNL 3D-printed a working range extender vehicle and a small house which share energy. Scott's technical socieity involment includes being the vice-chair for the SAE Combustion Committee and incoming chair, and is a co-founder of a new symposium on range extenders for electric vehicles in addition to be a session orginizer and reviewer. Scott is an elected member of the ASME internal combustion engine division (ICED) and a judge for the ICED undergraduate poster presentation competition. He received his BS and MS in mechanical engineering from the University of Tennessee – Knoxville (UT). He completed his PhD degree in Energy Science and Engineering in 2014 within the UT/ORNL Bredesen Center becoming one of the first of two graduates from the program. 


2017 ORNL Exceptional Effort Award: UDI SAB Support

2016 ORNL Significant Achievement Award: AMIE Demo Project

2015 SAE International Stefan Pischinger Award for Young Industry Leadership

2014 SAE International McFarland Award

2014 ORNL Significant Achievement Award: SuperTruck

2013 DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Research & Development Award

2013 ASME Old Guard Early Career Award + Lifetime membership

2013 ORNL Community Sustainability Award

2013 SAE Engineering Meetings Board Outstanding Oral Presentation

2012 ASME Best Presentation Award (2012 ICED Conference)

2011 ORNL Significant Achievement Award – DOE JOULE Milestone 45% efficiency

2008 Star Volunteer Award – ET Clean Fuels Coalition

2007-2008 US Department of Energy Graduate Automotive Technology Education (GATE) Fellow


Peer Reviewed Archival Papers - Primary Author 

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Peer Reviewed Archival Papers  - Co-Author

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Peer Reviewed Archival Papers  - Joint with The University of Tennessee

Routh, K., Curran, S., and Irick, D., “The University of Tennessee EcoCAR 2 Communications, Outreach, Education and STEM Recruiting Program Overview: Year 2”, IMECE2013-64907 Proceedings of the ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition IMECE2013 November 13-21, 2013, San Diego, California, USA

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