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Impact of cycling conditions on lithium-ion battery performance for electric vertical takeoff and landing applications

by Anuj Bisht, Marm B Dixit, Nathan L Wood, Chol-bum M Kweon, Ilias Belharouak
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Journal of Power Sources
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The development of better electrochemical energy storage systems has sparked significant interest in using Li-ion batteries for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) applications. To ensure the optimal performance and safety of onboard batteries, their behavior under different charging/discharging protocols and environmental conditions must be understood. This paper presents a comprehensive evaluation of commercial Li-ion batteries for eVTOL applications, focusing on their responses to varying charging/discharging strategies and mechanical vibrations experienced during flight. Through controlled experiments, the effects of rapid cycling on battery performance were investigated, including effects on lifespan, capacity, and internal resistance. Additionally, the impact of mechanical vibrations on battery behavior was assessed to identify potential challenges for onboard batteries. The results of this study revealed intriguing insights into the interplay between temperature, vibration, and battery performance. This work contributes to the broader adoption of electric aerial transportation, promising a greener and safer future for urban mobility.