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High throughput structure–property relationship for additively manufactured 316L/IN625 alloy mixtures leveraging 2-step Bay...

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Materials & Design
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While the fabrication of graded materials by directed energy deposition (DED) has led to accelerated materials discovery, the ability to rapidly explore sufficiently large material composition spaces is limited due to the time-intensive nature of conventional materials characterization techniques. The present study investigates the viability of small punch test (SPT) protocols for rapidly evaluating DED-fabricated alloy mixtures of stainless steel 316L (316L) and Inconel 625 (IN625). The SPT protocols evaluated in this study include both the recently established two-step Bayesian estimation framework as well as the empirical relationships established in prior literature. It is shown that these protocols are capable of reliably and quantitatively tracking the changes in the mechanical properties of the alloy mixtures studied. Enhancement of mechanical properties was observed with the addition of IN625 to 316L, which is attributed to the austenite stabilization in the matrix and the formation of fine δ - Ni3Nb precipitates. It is shown that CALPHAD-based Scheil model simulations predicted the formation of different precipitate phases for each composition. The novel protocols presented in this paper open new avenues for high throughput material explorations for additive manufacturing.