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High Temperature Steam Oxidation of Cr-coated Sicf/sic Composite for Lwr Cladding Applications

by Yoonjo J Lee, Takaaki Koyanagi, Bruce A Pint, Yutai Kato
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
Top Fuel
Book Title
Proceedings of Global/Top Fuel 2019
Publication Date
Page Numbers
659 to 669
Conference Name
Global/Top Fuel 2019
Conference Location
Seattle, Washington, United States of America
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Conference Date

Chromium-coated silicon carbide fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites are potentially applicable to accident tolerant fuel cladding in light water reactors. Cr-coated silicon carbide composite, chemical vapor deposited silicon carbide, and pure Cr-metal were oxidized in 100% steam at atmospheric pressure for 4 hours using a thermogravimetric analyzer. Post-oxidation chemical analysis, phase identification and microstructural characterization indicates that the Cr coating layers did not adversely affect silicon carbide substrate under these conditions.