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High performance aluminum-air flow batteries through double-face architecture and laser-modified and friction-stir processed 3D anode

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Journal of Power Sources
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Aluminum-air batteries (AAB) are regarded as one of the most promising beyond-lithium high-energy-density storage candidates. This paper introduces a three-dimensional (3D) Al 7075 anode enabled by femtosecond laser and friction-stir process which, along with a special double-face anode architecture provides world-class performance. Electrochemical characterizations prove that the corrosion resistance of the modified 3D Al 7075 FSP anode was enhanced, and electrochemically active surface area (ECSA) was increased compared with that of normal Al 7075 anode. Friction-stir processing reduced the mean grain size from 30 μm to 3 μm. The discharge performance of 3D Al 7075 FSP anode is shown to be quite stable, and the average values of energy density are significantly increased from 2256 mWh g−1 to 2941 mWh g−1 at 100 mA cm−2. In a double-face flowing Al-air battery system, the 3D Al 7075 FSP anode exhibited significantly better electrocatalytic performance (discharge voltage of 0.76 V at 400 mA cm−2, and power density of 337.8 mW cm−2) than that of a commercial Al 7075 anode.