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Facility to Alleviate Salt Technology Risks (FASTR): Design Report

by Kevin R Robb, Ethan D Kappes, Padhraic L Mulligan
Publication Type
ORNL Report
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The Facility to Alleviate Salt Technology Risks (FASTR) is a versatile, high-temperature (>600°C) molten chloride salt test facility designed to enable a variety of testing to advance the Generation 3 (Gen 3) Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) molten salt technology. FASTR includes a salt preparation system and a forced flow test loop with a suite of instrumentation. The FASTR loop is capable of 725°C operation and flow rates of 3–7 kg/s, and it includes heated and cooled sections and swappable components to enable testing of future vendor-supplied hardware. The salt preparation system supplies large batches (e.g., 200 kg) of clean salt for use in the FASTR forced convection loop. This report summarizes the design and capabilities of FASTR in its as-built form as of December 2022.