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Exchange of Ions across the TiN/TaO x Interface during Electroformation of TaO x -Based Resistive Switching Devices...

by Yuanzhi Ma, David A Cullen, Jonathan Goodwill, Karren L More, Marek Skowronski
Publication Type
Journal Name
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Publication Date
Page Numbers
27378 to 27385

The valence change model describes the resistive switching in metal oxide-based devices as due to electroreduction of the oxide and subsequent electromigration of oxygen vacancies. Here, we present cross-sectional X-ray energy-dispersive spectroscopy elemental maps of Ta, O, N, and Ti in electroformed TiN/TaO2.0/TiN structures. O, N, and Ti were exchanged between the anode and the functional oxide in devices formed at high power (∼1 mW), but the exchange was below the detection limit at low power (<0.5 mW). All structures exhibit a similar Ta-enriched and O-depleted filament formed by the elemental segregation in the functional oxide by the temperature gradient. The elemental interchange is interpreted as due to Fick’s diffusion caused by high temperatures in the gap of the filament and is not an essential part of electroformation.