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Evaluation of the interaction between SiC, pre-oxidized FeCrAlMo with aluminized and pre-oxidized Fe-8Cr-2W in flowing PbLi

by Marie Romedenne, Ying Zhang, Yi Feng Su, Bruce A Pint
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Journal of Nuclear Materials
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Dissimilar materials interactions are a major concern when liquid metals are used as a working fluid. To simulate a dual-coolant PbLi blanket, chemical vapor deposited (CVD) SiC, pre-oxidized FeCrAlMo (APMT) and pre-oxidized aluminized coating on Fe-8Cr-2 W (F82H) specimens were exposed to flowing commercial Pb-17at.%Li with a peak temperature of 650 °C in a pre-oxidized APMT thermal convection loop (TCL) for 1000 h. Similar to prior results in static PbLi, the coated F82H showed small mass changes and limited degradation of room-temperature tensile properties. After exposure, the α-Al2O3 on the surface coated F82H reacted with the PbLi to form LiAlO2. However, no significant Al coating loss or interdiffusion was observed. Mass transfer was observed between the APMT, TCL and the SiC specimens. Fe, Cr and Ni were dissolved into the molten flowing PbLi and transported through the TCL to react with the SiC specimens. Compared to a prior experiment with a majority of bare FeCrAl specimens that were exposed in a TCL with a peak temperature of 700 °C for 1000 h, the SiC reaction was reduced to only a few microns of carbides and silicides. Oxygen dissolved in the molten PbLi sustained the formation of an Al2O3 scale on the surface of the coating and induced the formation of a thin surface SiO2 layer on the surface of the SiC.