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Eleven new heaviest isotopes of elements Z = 105 to Z = 117 identified among the products of 249Bk+48Ca reactions...

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Physical Review C
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The heaviest isotopes of elements Z = 117 to Z = 105, 294117, 293117, 290115, 289115, 286113, 285113, 282Rg, 281Rg, 278Mt, 274Bh, and 270Db, were identified by means of the Dubna gas-filled recoil separator among the products of the 249Bk + 48Ca reaction. The details of the observed six decay chains, indicating the production and decay of isotopes 293117 and 294117, are presented and discussed. The decay energies and resulting half-lives of these new nuclei show a strong rise of stability with increasing neutron number, validating the concept of the island of enhanced stability for superheavy nuclei.