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Effect of framework Al pairing on NO storage properties of Pd-CHA passive NOx adsorbers

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Applied Catalysis B
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Three Pd/H-CHA samples were prepared containing 53.0 %, 10.8 % and 6.5 % paired Al sites at near fixed Si/Al ratio and similar Pd loading. According to H2 temperature-programmed reduction, Pd was present almost exclusively as isolated cations in the two samples containing the higher concentrations of paired Al sites, whereas in the other sample PdO was also present. Simulated lean cold start tests on the fresh samples conducted in a microflow reactor showed that the sample containing PdO stored the lowest amount of NOx. When tested with CO/H2, the sample containing 53.0 % paired Al sites showed significantly better storage capacity than the other samples and deactivated less rapidly upon sequential tests. Experiments using lean gasoline engine exhaust revealed similar trends. This study showed that a high concentration of paired Al sites in Pd/H-CHA is beneficial for NOx storage capacity, thermal durability, and minimizing deactivation in the presence of CO/H2.