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Dynamic phase transformations in additively manufactured Ti-6Al-4V during thermo-mechanical gyrations...

by Sabina C Kumar, Rakesh Rajaram R Kamath, Peeyush Nandwana, Yan Chen, Sudarsanam Babu
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A complex interaction of process parameters, geometry and scan strategies in Additive Manufacturing (AM), can bring about spatial and temporal transients, i.e., Σ T (x, y, z, time), within a part. Published literature focusses on fluctuating thermal cycles on the microstructure evolution. However, the microstructural variations have not been correlated to dynamic flow behavior due to the macro- and micro-scale phenomena, i.e., accumulated plastic strains brought about by large thermal gradients, transformational strains and crystallographic misfit strains. Therefore, we studied the mechanical response of Ti6Al4V alloys produced by AM under externally imposed controlled thermo-mechanical reversals in a Gleeble® thermo-mechanical simulator. The stress-strain behaviors were correlated to phase fractions, lattice strains, and also limited information on crystallographic texture using neutron diffraction techniques at the VULCAN Beamline at SNS, ORNL and also metallographic studies. The results are discussed and rationalized based on theories of static and dynamic phase transformations.