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Dependence of neutral pressure on detachment in the small angle slot divertor at DIII-D...

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Nuclear Materials and Energy
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487 to 492

Local neutral pressure measurements in the closed small angle slot (SAS) divertor [1,2] on DIII-D show a large increase when the divertor plasma shifts from high recycling into detachment. In-tile pressure gauges were installed to measure the pressure in the near- and far-SOL regions to examine the predicted high neutral pressures and compression. Cross-field drift effects lead to  ∼ 10 ×  higher peak neutral pressure in detachment with the ion ∇B drift toward the divertor compared to out of the divertor, with similar pressures in attached conditions. Drifts also play a role in the neutral distribution in the slot while attached but become less pronounced in detachment once gradient drives reduce. Variation in the outer strike point location found higher neutral pressure and detachment at modestly lower main-plasma density with the strike point positioned away from the designed operation point. Reducing the fraction of the SOL width allowed into the slot increases neutral leakage into the main chamber and increases the main-plasma density required for detachment. Preliminary modeling with the SOLPS code without drifts over-predicts the neutral pressure in detachment by a factor of 2 with the strike point in the designed operation point while more significantly over-predicts the neutral slot compression; experiments show a broader distribution of neutrals through the slot. These measurements are used to help understand detachment and validate divertor design metrics.