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A correlation-based approach for evaluating mechanical properties of nuclear fuel cladding tubes...

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Journal of Nuclear Materials
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The present work offers and evaluates a correlation-based approach to determine the tensile properties of nuclear fuel cladding tubes. A set of model materials with known properties (i.e., austenitic and ferritic steels, fcc- and hcp-alloys) were tested to build a correlation between conventional tensile tests and ring (hoop) and tube (axial) tests. It was shown that close-to-linear relationships exist for the basic mechanical properties (i.e., yield and ultimate stress, uniform and total elongation) between the uniaxial tensile test data and the ring and tube test data. Using the ring and tube specimen geometries, the feasibility of the approach was demonstrated via manufacturing and testing specimens from irradiated Zr and FeCrAl nuclear fuel cladding tubes. Limitations caused by specific deformation mechanisms (e.g., high ductility of 304L steel) were discussed in detail. The approach can be extended to other tubular products with different geometry and dimensions.