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Convection- and SASI-driven flows in parametrized models of core-collapse supernova explosions...

by Eirik Endeve, Christian Y Cardall, R. D. Budiardja, Anthony Mezzacappa
Publication Type
Journal Name
Physica Scripta
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1 to 12

We present initial results from three-dimensional simulations of parametrized core-collapse supernova (CCSN) explosions obtained with our astrophysical simulation code General Astrophysical Simulation System (GenASIS). We are interested in nonlinear flows resulting from neutrino-driven convection and the standing accretion shock instability (SASI) in the CCSN environment prior to and during the explosion. By varying parameters in our model that control neutrino heating and shock dissociation, our simulations result in convection-dominated and SASI-dominated evolution. We describe this initial set of simulation results in some detail. To characterize the turbulent flows in the simulations, we compute and compare velocity power spectra from convection-dominated and SASI-dominated (both non-exploding and exploding) models. When compared to SASI-dominated models, convection-dominated models exhibit significantly more power on small spatial scales.