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Control System of Multi-Port Autonomous Reconfigurable Solar Power Plant (MARS) & HIL Platforms for Design

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IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy
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1 to 13

Multi-port autonomous reconfigurable solar power plant (MARS) provides an attractive alternative to connect photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems (ESSs) to high-voltage direct current (HVdc) links and high-voltage alternating current (ac) grids. In this paper, a unique hierarchical control system of MARS is proposed and evaluated. To evaluate the control system and associated algorithms in early-stage research of complex architectures like MARS, it is important to develop unique suitable hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) platforms. In this paper, the HIL platforms for MARS to evaluate the performance of the hierarchical control system and the control algorithms implemented are presented. They help with the design process of control systems. The real-time simulation models and algorithms that are utilized for MARS in the HIL platforms are also discussed in the paper. The HIL experiments of the control system of MARS showcase the capability to provide continuity of operation under faults and frequency support to the power grid during loss of generation. They also showcase the stability of the proposed hierarchical control system of MARS.