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Correlated Topological Quantum Heterostructures

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Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES)
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Oxide quantum heterostructures

The combination of symmetry, correlation and topology is predicted to realize novel quantum states of matter. Despite a variety of experimental attempts to reshape the wave function topology and to induce entangled quantum states that intertwine charge, spin and orbital degrees of freedom, only a handful of materials have been identified and continue to be debated and explored as candidate correlated topological materials. The overarching goal of this project is to understand how to co-design correlated and topological states of matter by exploiting the interplay between symmetry, correlation, and topology in oxide- and chalcogenide-based quantum heterostructures. To address this goal, we focus on three specific aims: (1) Design topological phases in correlated oxides by interrogating the role of lattice geometry and symmetry, (2) Understand how to control topological wavefunctions by manipulating magnetic orders and heterogeneities. (3) Reveal the role of polyhedral lattice symmetry and sublattice disorder in governing the behavior of symmetry-driven correlated states. Underpinning this work is a unique combination of expertise and experimental capabilities based on integrating precision synthesis by pulsed-laser deposition and molecular-beam epitaxy with advanced characterizations tools, including 3D spin- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and high-resolution momentum-resolved electron energy-loss spectroscopy. Interfacial magnetism and electronic structure will be investigated by neutron scattering and x-ray and optical spectroscopy. The objective of this work is to advance the understanding of the interplay between symmetry, correlation, and topology, generating fundamental knowledge for the development of novel correlated topological quantum materials for next-generation information and energy technologies.


Corporate Fellow / BES-MSE Program Manager
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