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Correlated Quantum Materials

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Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES)
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Correlated quantum materials with collective emergent behavior, such as quantum transport, superconductivity, and exotic magnetism, are expected to form the basis for next-generation energy and information technologies. Magnetism underlies many of the most interesting emergent behaviors, and its understanding is built upon careful experimental studies of magnetic order and interactions in high quality crystals. For example, while theoretical treatment of topological electronic materials has become reasonably predictive without correlations, the inclusion of magnetism will require experimental data to both inform and test theoretical models. The overarching goal of this project is to advance our understanding of correlated quantum materials through discovery, development, and investigation of model materials that exhibit magnetic order, topological order, and collective phenomena. To achieve this, we have three specific aims: (1) Understand how structure and symmetry dictates magnetism and excitations in cleavable magnetic materials, (2) Control topological states in materials with intrinsic magnetism, and (3) Unlock emergent correlations in materials with flat bands. Two unifying themes are the presence or proximity to magnetism and anisotropic layered crystal structures often with hexagonal symmetry. These goals will be addressed by synthesis of high-quality crystals and investigation of their physical properties using electrical and thermal transport, specific heat, magnetization, and crystallographic measurements. The most interesting materials will be pursued through collaborations involving theory, neutron scattering, angle resolved photoemission, and scanning tunneling microscopy. This research directly addresses the ability to control and exploit quantum mechanical behaviors targeting novel functionality, which is a priority research direction in the BES Basic Research Needs workshop report on Quantum Materials.


Distinguished R&D Staff and Group Leader for Correlated Electron Materials
Michael A. McGuire