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Transforming how workers see radiation with augmented reality technology

The VIPER (Virtual Interaction with Physics Enhanced Reality) project aims to revolutionize the way nuclear industry workers visualize radiation. Credit: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Michael B. Smith.

Inspired by recent developments in the video game industry, nuclear engineers from the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have combined augmented reality and radiation transport simulations with the aim of revolutionizing radiological training.

"We have successfully coupled radiation transport capabilities with augmented reality to create immersive experiences," said project lead Michael B. Smith. "This is going to transform the way the nuclear industry sees radiation."

The VIPER (Virtual Interaction with Physics Enhanced Reality) methodology could benefit multiple sectors from space exploration to nuclear energy to emergency response by transforming the way a nuclear worker can see radiation when using augmented reality devices in training and operational exercises.

In addition to Smith, team members include M. Scott Greenwood, Noel Nelson, and Douglas Peplow.

To learn more, watch the video.