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Technologies Advancement

Technologies Advancement

Building technologies

BTRIC researchers optimize the energy performance of buildings and industrial processes by moving technologies to full use in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors through applications research, technical assistance, and a variety of deployment strategies. Researchers utilize the most powerful supercomputing systems in the world to build web visualization tools, showing energy use intensity, providing accurate simulations, helping meet energy reduction and consumption goals. Researchers also help federal and private sector building and plant owners reduce energy consumption through cost-effective energy-management best-practices tools and strategies. For example, for the Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office (WIPO), ORNL has created an interdisciplinary team of building scientists, computer programmers, program evaluators, and social scientists to assist with the diverse aspects of WIPO operations.  

Focus areas:

  • Planning
  • Metering
  • Benchmarking
  • Audit Tools
  • Assessments
  • Retro or continuous commissioning
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating retrofit projects
  • Alternative financing of retrofit projects when direct funding is not available.