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Building Equipment Technologies

Building Equipment Technologies

    Heat Air Moisture Penetration Chamber

    Through use of extensive experimental facilities, advanced hardware-based design models, and incorporation of emerging materials, BTRIC research has helped industry launch some of the most energy-efficient building equipment technologies on the market today. Research focuses on heat pumps, heating ventilation & air conditioning, dehumidifiers, appliances, water heaters, refrigeration systems, and advanced energy storage systems. BTRIC researchers are deploying neutrons to gain a deeper understanding of the structure of novel materials in heat exchangers, characterizing refrigerant flow and phase change process for the development of thermal solutions.

    Focus areas:

    • Vapor-compression cycles (including trans-critical, ejector, and other variations)
    • Absorption/adsorption/desiccant cycles
    • Magnetocaloric/electrocaloric cycles
    • Working fluids, materials
    • Heat Pumps, air conditioners, dehumidifiers
    • Packaged rooftop units
    • Appliances
    • Water heaters
    • Supermarket refrigeration systems
    • Ground-source space conditioning and water heating systems
    • Multi-zone heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems