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Unmanned Aerial Systems


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Unmanned Aerial Systems capabilities at NTRC focus on increasing propulsion efficiency, power, and durability; systems evaluation and integration; virtual design, evaluation, and optimization; and novel power applications such as hybrid, fuel cells, and wireless charging. Experts at NTRC collaborate with scientists across the laboratory, including those at the ORNL UAS Research Center, which focuses on unmanned systems for aerial, terrestrial, and underwater applications.

Capabilities and Expertise:

  • High-speed dynamometers with engine controls
  • Combustion science
  • Propeller modeling, evaluation and design
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Vehicle systems integration
  • Wireless charging
  • Power conversion systems
  • Electric machinery
  • Materials development
  • Chemical speciation
  • Sensors and controls
  • Cyber security
  • Simulation and high performance computing
  • Additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping, tooling
  • Analysis and acoustical measurement
  • Standards development

Equipment details:

  • UAS engine motoring dynamometer (20 HP and 10,000 RPM) and test facility features:
    • High speed coupling system
    • In-line torque transducer (7ft-lbs max, 0.01ft-lbs resolution)
    • High speed shaft encoder
    • Flow meters (fuel and air)
    • Compressed air flow control
  • Fuel and exhaust analysis
  • Thermodynamic modeling and analyses
  • Cycle-resolved in-cylinder pressure measurement
  • Sound spectrum measurement and analysis