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Nion Hermes MAC-STEM

Nion Monochromated Aberration-Corrected STEM


The Low-voltage (60-100kV) monochromated, aberration-corrected (MAC)-STEM/EELS (Nion Hermes) is equipped with a Cold FEG and ultrahigh vacuum column and offers high energy-resolution EELS.


  •  Equipped with next generation 𝛼-monochromator and 5th Order Aberration-corrector  capable of cutting-edge energy resolution for low-loss EELS while retaining sub-Ångstrom spatial resolution

  •  0.1 nm maximum spatial resolution (at 100 kV)

  •  Equipped with a stage that enables heating & biasing capabilities

  •  Liquid nitrogen cryogenic experiments

  •  Energy resolution better than 5 meV, excitations detectable at energies low as 15 meV (80 µm, 120 cm-1, 3.6 THz),     providing access to access to excitations such as phonons, molecular vibrations, and other mid-infrared quasiparticles.

  •  Aloof excitations capable of gently probing beam sensitive materials such as encapsulated liquids, amino acids, and whole-cell biological samples with nanoscale spatial resolution.

  •  Off-axis EELS acquisitions suppress delocalized aloof contributions to enable ultrahigh resolution analysis of ultralow energy excitations.

  •  Q-slit EELS aperture enables 0.5 Å-1 momentum-resolution while retaining 2-3 nm spatial resolution at maximum monochromation, for fast-efficient phonon dispersion measurements.