Jordan A. Hachtel

Jordan A Hachtel

R&D Associate

Current Research Interests:

I specialize in the use of scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) to study the optical, vibrational, and electronic behavior of structures and materials at the nanoscale. Utilizing ultra-high energy resolution monochromated electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) I examine infrared excitations in materials such as molecular vibrations, phonons, and shallow electron energy levels.  Also, I work on directly integrating advanced numerical and image processing techniques into distributable iPython notebooks and microscope control software to facilitate efficient acquisition and analysis of complex multidimensional monochromated EELS datasets. 

Microscopy Today Innovation Award -2020
Microanalysis Society Coslett Award - 2019
Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences Postdoctoral Award - 2018
Microscopy Society of America Postdoctoral Research Award - 2018
Springer Publishing Outstanding PhD Thesis Award - 2016
Microscopy Society of America Presidential Scholar Award - 2015