Jordan A Hachtel

Jordan A Hachtel

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


Current Research Interests:

I specialize in the use of scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM)to study the optical and electronic behavior of structures and materials at the nanoscale. Primarily, I am working with the new monochromated aberration-corrected STEM to probe the infrared plasmon and phonon modes of nanoscale dielectric and metallic nanostructures, as well as the vibrational response of organic materials and other beam-sensitive samples. Recently, I have also been using pixelated STEM detectors to do atomic-resolution imaging of electric fields in materials using differential phase contrast. Additionally, I combine atomic resolution imaging with Python-based numerical analysis to quantitatively study 2D-alloys and heterostructures, and utilize cathodoluminescence to study the localized response and photon statistics of emitters and nanostructures used for quantum information sciences. 


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