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Fuel Cell Technologies

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Fuel cell characterization and evaluation at the National Transportation Research Center is aimed at supporting the development of this technology by analyzing fuel cell behavior under typical operating conditions. The five fuel cell test stands are fully automated to control flow rates, humidity, electronic resistance, and temperature. An environmental chamber is available for evaluation down to -40°C, and a wide range of fuel cells can be evaluated from small-scale prototype fuel cells, less than 5 cm2; to large-scale, full-size systems up to 3 kW.  Electrochemical analytical tools are available for measuring polarization curves, implementing drive cycles, performing cyclic voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy, and supplying up to 80 A and 3 V for regenerable fuel cell operation (electrolysis).  Additionally, the research facility is equipped with long-term battery backup systems to ensure uninterrupted power during durability evaluations.