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Diamond Film Deposition

The DiamoTek 700-6 Microwave Plasma CVD system from Microwave Enterprises is designed to deposit poly-crystalline diamond films onto silicon substrates up to 100 mm in diameter.  Micro-crystalline, nano-crystalline, and ultrananocrystalline (UNCD) diamond films can be deposited.

Science Overview

The DiamoTek 700-6 Microwave Plasma CVD system deposits poly-crystalline diamond films onto silicon substrates via microwave plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition from a gas mixture of methane, hydrogen, and/or argon.  Diamond films are deposited onto substrates that have been pretreated by either seeding the surface with ~5 nm diamond nano-particles or by scratching the surface in a 25 µm diamond/methanol slurry.  This pre-treatment is necessary for diamond nucleation to occur.  Substrate temperature during deposition is typically 800 to 900 °C, as measured by a two-color fiber optic pyrometer.  Methane, hydrogen, and argon concentrations, power, and pressure values can be varied to produce a variety of diamond film textures. 


There are many characteristics of diamond that make it a unique choice for many applications.  Diamond is extremely hard, chemically inert and stable, has high thermal conductivity, high acoustic velocity, high fracture strength, is hydrophobic, wear resistant, bio-inert, its surface can be functionalized, and it coats conformally.  Applications include MEMS/NEMS devices, tribology (coatings for mechanical and biological components), thermal (heat sinks/spreaders), cutting tools, radiation sensors (ionizing radiation detectors/dosimeters), electro-chemical applications (bio-chemical sensors), optical (infrared windows, lenses, x-ray windows), and stripper foils for ion beams.


    • 6 KW 2.45 GHz microwave generator
    • Power output is variable from 10% to 100%
    • Recipe driven control
    • Height adjustable cooling stage
    • Configured for a 4 inch wafer
    • Two color pyrometer to measure substrate temperature
    • Comprehensive data logger
    • Intended for deposition of poly-crystalline diamond films