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Accretech SS10 dicing saw

The Accretech SS10 dicing saw is a wet saw used to dice substrates into chips with a high level of accuracy and precision. The dicing processes are recipe driven and can be modified by the user for unique materials and die sizes.  The LCD touchscreen and interactive software guides the operator through the alignment and dicing process. The live view camera allows the user to see features on the substrate to aid in the alignment process.


Materials such as silicon, quartz, glass, carbide and sapphire wafers are commonly used as substrates for experimental devices. The ability to dice these substrates into much smaller die allows the users to get multiple usable die from a single substrate. These substrates can also be diced into custom dimensions to fit into a unique fixture or device. Substrates can be diced pre or post processing allowing the use of standard fabrication techniques.


  • 1.8kW 60k rpm spindle
  • 600mm/min feed rates and .005/150mm accuracy
  • Z axis repeatability is .001mm
  • Up to 150mm x 1.5mm substrates
  • Recipe driven processing