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2019 SCALE Users' Group Workshop

Event Contacts

Brad Rearden

Germina Ilas, 865-241-4672,

Will Wieselquist, 865-574-0204,


Monday, August 19, 2019





Emerging Initiatives in SCALE

Will Wieselquist, ORNL

NRC's Advanced Reactor Program

John Monninger, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Introduction of the SCALE Team

Will Wieselquist, ORNL

A Decade of CASL Impact and Future Direction

Dave Kropaczek, ORNL

Transformational Challenge Reactor: Nuclear Core Design with Advanced Manufacturing

Ben Betzler, ORNL



Working Lunch Talk

GAIN: What is it and is it helping?

Andy Worrall, ORNL




Advanced Reactor Modeling with SCALE:

Nodal Data Calculation in TRITON/Shift: Part 1, Applications

Matt Jessee, ORNL

Nodal Data Calculation in TRITON/Shift: Part II, Tally Methods

Will Wieselquist, ORNL

Molten Salt Reactor Fuel Cycle and Reactor Physics Analysis with SCALE/TRITON

Ben Betzler, ORNL


SCALE Multigroup Capability and Challenges in Advanced Reactor Analysis

Kang Seog Kim, ORNL

Generation of ORIGEN Reactor Libraries for Liquid Fueled Molten Salt Reactor Designs

Kyle Anderson, University of Tennessee


Applications of SCALE to Nuclear Safeguards and Security

Monte Carlo Uncertainty Quantification in UF6 Neutron Emissions

Ryan O'Mara, North Carolina State University

Retrospective assay of UF6 to Discriminate Historical HEU from LEU

Robert Hayes, North Carolina State University

INDEPTH Demonstration

Brandon Grogan, ORNL

Kernel Density Estimators for Sampler Analysis

Ryan O'Mara, North Carolina State University


Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Reactor Safety Analysis with SCALE


Will Wieselquist, ORNL

Polaris/PARCS Full Core Assessment

Ugur Mertyurek, ORNL

NCSU's RDFMG Ongoing Activities with SCALE

Pascal Rouxelin, North Carolina State University

Polaris Updates in SCALE 6.3

Matt Jessee, ORNL


Applications of SCALE for Nuclear Criticality Safety

CSAS/Shift Integration within SCALE 6.3

Kursat Bekar, ORNL

User Experiences with the ICSBEP Distributed SDFs with SCALE - 2019 Edition

Justin Clarity, ORNL

Initial KENO Validation with ENDF/B-VIII Nuclear Data in SCALE 6.3.0-beta4

B.J. Marshall, ORNL

Preliminary TSUNAMI Assessment of the Impact of Accident Tolerant Fuel Concepts on Reactor Physics Validation

B.J. Marshall, ORNL


Working Lunch Talk

Nuclear Data Activities for Nuclear Energy Applications

Brad Rearden, ORNL


Nuclear Data for SCALE Applications

Sampler Sensitivity Indices

Friederike Bostelmann, ORNL

Updates on ORIGEN Readers and Data

Shane Hart, ORNL

Augmented Covariance Data Libraries for SCALE 6.3

Vlad Sobes, ORNL

Developing 3D Reactor Model for Criticality Safety Analysis of the Newly Converted NIRR-1 using the KENO-VI Module of the SCALE Code System

Abjulhameed Salawu, Federal University Lokoja


Decommissioning, Disposal, and Spent Nuclear Fuel Burnup Credit

Detailed Radiation Dose Rate Evaluations of Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Canisters

Georgeta Radulescu, ORNL

Artificial Neural Network for MOX Criticality Prediction using SCALE/TRITON

Jin Whan Bae, ORNL

Comparison of MPACT and Shift for MAGNOX Reactors

Brian Ade, ORNL



Activation Analysis of the Silene Experiment with ORIGEN/MAVRIC

Criticality Analysis with CSAS/Shift and 3D Visualization in Fulcrum

Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification for Criticality Safety with Sampler

SCALE Utilities for Nuclear Data Interrogation, Comparison, and Visualization

Nodal Data Generation for Core Simulators with TRITON/Shift

Generation of SCALE Multi-Group Libraries with AMPX

Research Reactor Source Terms with ORIGEN for Safeguards Applications 

Time-Dependent Depletion Analysis with Polaris

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