Flexible Research Platforms

Unoccupied Research Houses

ORNL uses a fleet of instrumented research houses built by industry partners to evaluate prototypes of residential energy efficiency technologies under realistic conditions.
An average occupancy effect on energy consumption is imposed for each house in addition to natural exposure to weather so that realistic loads, operating conditions, and...


Wall Air and Moisture Penetration Test Chambers

The wall air and moisture penetration test chambers subject 2.4×3 m (8×10 ft) wall assemblies to simulated indoor and outdoor temperatures of 15.6 to 32.2°C (60 to 90°F) and −17.8 to 43.3°C (0 to 110°F), respectively, and 10 to 90% relative humidity. Other simulated outdoor conditions are positive and negative wind/gust pressures, rain,...

Tools & Apparatuses

Rotatable Guarded Hot Box

The rotatable guarded hot box measures heat flux across large-scale wall/fenestration assemblies. It accommodates systems as large as 4×3 m (13×10 ft) and as thick as 0.6 m (2 ft). Chambers on both sides can maintain a range of temperatures; low-side (39 to 140°F, 4 to 60°C) and high-side (75 to 140°F, 24 to 60°C). Using this Hot Box, it is...