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Come work at a leading artificial intelligence Laboratory!

Computational Data Analytics group

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is currently seeking researchers in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) at all levels, including experienced leaders and entry-level and postdoctoral positions. To view employment opportunities, visit

ORNL’s AI & ML Initiative harnesses the laboratory’s unique suite of expertise, compute capabilities, and facilities to solve some of the nation’s most daunting challenges in R&D and national security.

ORNL’s AI and ML Initiative is seeking researchers with experience and interests in:

  • Novel algorithms and accelerated learning for modeling physical and biological systems
  • Innovative applications of AI and ML for science and national security
  • Design, training, and analysis of neural networks to capture relationships in complex data
  • Statistical and ML algorithms, particularly for large data sets and analysis of ensembles
  • Methods for dealing with sparse and unlabeled data, including reinforcement and representation learning
  • Quantification of uncertainty in ML models
  • Validation and explainability of AI and ML for control systems and national security applications
  • Scalable learning algorithms focused on accelerated node architectures such as ORNL’s Summit and other leading systems
  • Use of AI to assist researchers and decision makers

ORNL equips its staff to build their credentials and to become leaders in their fields. The laboratory strategically recruits top researchers from around the world, works with them to define high-impact goals, and provides the resources required for success— from facilities and instruments to collaborations and professional development. And . . .

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Contact Us

If you are interested in joining ORNL’s growing AI and ML research team, or would like more information, contact Kate Carter at  (865) 574-1293 or