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AI Initiative

Accelerating scientific discovery and national security with AI

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has a rich tradition of artificial intelligence (AI) research dating back more than four decades and garnering more than ten patents. The laboratory’s AI Initiative is dedicated to ensuring secure, trustworthy, and energy efficient AI in the service of scientific research and national security.

Through this internal research investment, subject matter experts at ORNL leverage the laboratory’s computing infrastructure and software capabilities to expedite times to solution and realize the potential of AI in projects of national and international importance.

For example, the Initiative has helped multidisciplinary teams demonstrate that machine learning algorithms can be used to extract information from signals with low signal-to-noise ratios; develop algorithms capable of accelerating modeling and simulation with very little training data; and design novel biomimetic neuromorphic devices capable of detecting epileptic seizures.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has unique expertise and facilities to advance the state of the art in artificial intelligence and apply it to the Department of Energy’s most pressing scientific and national security challenges.

- Prasanna Balaprakash, AI Program Director


Director of AI Programs and Distinguished R&D Staff Scientist
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