Zane Wallen ORNL Staff Portrait

Zane G Wallen

Zane Wallen is a Technical Staff Design Engineer in the Irradiation Engineering Group (IEG) within the Nuclear Energy and Fuel Cycle Division (NEFCD). His primary role is that of task lead in the design, fabrication, and approval of irradiation experiments for various radioisotope, nuclear fuels, and materials research programs performed at the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR). He has experience in materials testing, thermomechanical finite element analysis (FEA), and neutronic modeling and analysis utilizing MCNP, SCALE, and HFIRCON.

Zane received his B.S. (2017) and M.S. (2019) in Nuclear Engineering with a concentration in Radiological Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His graduate research field of study was in radioisotope development involving the utilization of radiochemical purification techniques, radiation detection technologies, and the neutronic analyses tools MCNP and IsoChain, a radionuclide transmutation and decay software.

Zane joined ORNL as a post-master’s research associate in July 2019 and became staff in October 2021.