Postdoctoral Associate

Uvinduni I Premadasa

R&D Associate - Nonlinear Spectroscopy and Microscopy

Uvinduni received her Ph.D. in 2020 from Ohio University, Athens where she worked under the supervision of Katherine Cimatu studying surface structures and molecular interactions at liquid surfaces using SFG spectroscopy. She then joined ORNL as a postdoc in January 2020 working with Ben Doughty and Yingzhong Ma to investigate complex biosystems using new nonlinear microscopy tools.

Donald R. Clippinger: Department of Chemistry Research Award: 2020

Nanoscale Quantum Physics Phenomena (NQPI) student fellowship award: 2018

Wide-field nonlinear microscopy: CARS, 2-Photon Fluorescence, SHG, eSFG

Vibrational sum frequency generation spectroscopy

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