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Tamara J Keever

Senior Scientist/Analytical Chemist

Tamara Keever is a senior level scientist/nuclear analytical chemist with expertise in the analyses of nuclear materials and specialty isotopes by ICP-MS.  As part of the RMAL group, she supports various ORNL missions; such as nuclear medicine isotope production and other isotope production needs, nuclear fuel cycle, and a wide range of research.  She also supports environmental NPDES and waste remediation efforts.  Tamara joined ORNL in 1992, and was involved in research science in area of chemical separations, performing analytical measurements for solvent extraction using novel organic ligands.  

example methods: 

SW846-6020a, EPA Method 200.8, EPA Method 245.1 (CVAA Hg), SW846-1311, SW846-3015, SW846-3051, ASTM E321 Nd148 method for nuclear fuel burnup.