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Steven L Campbell

Recent Accomplishments
• Designed and built multiple power electronic electrical systems covering thermal, mechanical, and electrical aspects while mentoring post-docs and students on best practices and guidance on related methodologies, software, and hardware.
• Wrote code for the safe operation of a unique grid power flow controller.
• Designed and packaged 1kV power electronic phase leg modules utilizing cutting edge ideologies with integrated air cooled heat sinks to minimize parasitics and optimize switching transients for 50kW 50kHz switching applications.
• Built and coded several wireless power transfer (WPT) systems for push to start automated functionality ranging from 3kW to 30kW units.
• Worked directly with sponsors in plans, designs, field work, and troubleshooting.

Invention Disclosures

2016-07-12 | DOE S-124,907
Automotive Wireless Charging Control System – Vehicle side
Docket No. 201403293

2016-01-12 | DOE S-124,941
Solar Battery Back Up for Wireless Distribution In a Home
Docket No. 201403322

2015-08-05 | DOE S-138,142
A DC Current Controller for Continuously Variable Series Reactor
Docket No. 201503510

Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) for Power Distribution with Integrated Smart Plugs and Switches
Docket No. 201403315

2019-01-08 | U.S. Patent No. 10,177,647
DC Current controller for continuously variable series reactor
Docket No. 201503510.1

2015-10-13 | U.S. Patent No. 9,156,364
Wireless Power Charging Using Point of Load Controlled High Frequency Power Converters
Docket No. 2768.1

2015-05-19 | U.S. Patent No. 9,035,790
Wireless Power Transfer Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Installation and Validation Tool
Docket No. 201102639.1

2015-03-09 | Provisional U.S. Patent Serial No. 62/130,034
Inductive Power Transfer Enabled Hybrid Flexible AC/DC Electrical Distribution with Autonomous Energy Management
Docket No. ID-3315.0

1) 2018 SEA ORNL for Navy SPP success
2) 2016 SEA ORNL for first of a kind Additive Manufacturing Integrated Energy (AMIE) success
3) The IEEE ECCE 2016 best paper award for “Vehicular Integration of Wireless Power Transfer.”
4) The 2016 R&D 100 special recognition green tech Award for the development of wireless power transfer based electric and plug-in vehicle charging system.
5) The 2016 DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Distinguished Achievement Award for the first 20kW wireless charging system with over 90% efficiency
6) 2016 UT Battelle/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Awards Night Research Accomplishment for the first 20kW wireless charging system with over 90% efficiency
7) The 2015 DOE Vehicle Technologies Office Distinguished Achievement Award for 3-D printed wide band gap inverter.
8) 2015 SEA ORNL for DC current controller for continuously variable series reactor
9) 2014 SEA ORNL for the world’s first 10-kW SiC inverter with a novel printed metal power module with integrated cooling using additive manufacturing
10) 2013 SEA ORNL for demonstrating 6.6kW Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles
11) 2012 SEA ORNL for demonstrating 3.3kW sustainable campus automated wireless charging
12) 2012 SEA ORNL for demonstrating the world’s first dynamic charging system with coils