A smiling blonde-haired man with a beard. He has a pierced ears and a pierced nose.

Soren E Weber

Postdoctoral Research Associate

I am an ecologist of plants and mycorrhizal fungi, generally interested in how interactions among functional groups impact the flow of nutrients and carbon in ecosystems. I am currently working within the ongoing SPRUCE global change experiment, a large scale warming and elevated atmospheric [CO2] manipulative experiment in a peat bog with an overstory of spruce and larch trees, and an understory dominated by ericaceous shrubs with sporadic sedges and forbs. Within this broader project, I am investigating how these plant functional groups differ in root growth strategies, and the direction and extent to which these root growth strategies mediate shifts in plant functional type composition with global change. To achieve this, I am using an intensive time series of data from minirhizotron images and root functional trait measurements.