Som S Shrestha

Som S Shrestha

Senior Research and Development Scientist

Dr. Som S Shrestha is a Senior R&D Scientist within the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His current research focuses on developing technologies to enhance building energy efficiency and enable demand flexibility. Some of the research areas that Dr. Shrestha is leading include the following:

Dr. Shrestha is:

  • Recipient of the ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award and a technical paper award,
  • ORNL Graduate Advisor with the University of Tennessee Bredesen Center,
  • Serves on ASHRAE Conference and Exposition Committee and multiple ASHRAE committees,
  • An active member of ASME and ASTM, and
  • ASHRAE-certified Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP)

Some of Dr. Shrestha’s recently completed works at ORNL include thermal performance evaluation of various radiant barrier systems, thermochromic coatings for building applications, development of a protocol for lifetime energy and environmental impact assessment of building insulation materials, and evaluation of lower-GWP alternative refrigerants.

Before joining ORNL, he worked at Industrial Assessment Center at Iowa State University and as a mechanical engineer in Nepal. Shrestha earned a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Iowa State University in 2009.

ASHRAE Technical Paper Award (2018)

ASHRAE Distinguished Service Award (2016)

Iowa State University Teaching Excellence Award (2008)

Iowa State University Graduate and Professional Student Senate Research Award (2008)

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