Shelley Van Cleve

Shelley M VanCleve

Senior Radioisotope Production Technical Professional

Shelley VanCleve joined ORNL's Radiochemical Engineering Development Center (REDC) in 2011, specializing in the separation of rare actinide elements in caves, glove boxes and radiological hoods. She uses cation and anion exchange separations; Ph-adjusted cation exchange; chromatographic resins such as DGA and LN; and solvent extraction such as TCE. 

Shelley has served as lab space manager and as team lead on several projects. She has been a crucial part of efforts including the dispensing and shipment of long-lived radioisotopes at REDC; actinium-225 and radium-225 processing and dispensing from thorium-229; processing of legacy califorium-252 sources for super  heavy element research; final processing and dispensing for shipment of berkelium-249, einsteinum-254 and fermium-257.

She has completed two level of ORNL radiation work training and is proficient in fume hoods, glove boxes, and remote manipulators.  Shelley has experience with a variety of highly specialized instruments and techniques for the analysis of data and is certified as an advanced radioactive materials shipper.

Shelley holds a Master of Science degree from East Tennessee State University.