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Nuclear moments and isotope shifts of the actinide isotopes 249–253Cf probed by laser spectroscopy

by Julie G Ezold, Ashley L Harvey, Shelley M Vancleve
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Physical Review C
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We report on high-resolution laser spectroscopy studies on 249–253Cf with spectral linewidths in the order of 100 MHz carried out at the RISIKO mass separator at Mainz University. In total three atomic ground-state transitions were investigated and the hyperfine parameters for the odd-A isotopes and isotope shift for all examined isotopes have been determined from the measured spectra. The isotope shift measurements allowed tracking of changes in mean-squared charge radii across the deformed nuclear shell closure at N=152, whereby shape discontinuities were not observed. Experimental hyperfine coupling constants of the atomic ground state were combined with relativistic many-body atomic calculations to extract the nuclear magnetic-dipole moment of 249Cf with improved precision to μI(249Cf)=−0.395(17)μN, whereas μI(251Cf)=−0.571(24)μN and μI(253Cf)=−0.731(35)μN were derived for the first time. Additionally, the spectroscopic quadrupole moments QS(249Cf)=6.27(33)eb and QS(253Cf)=5.53(51)eb were extracted.