Roger G Miller

Research Staff

Roger Miller is staff member of the Processing and Joining group specializing in welding engineering. Primary interests are welding metallurgy of stainless steels, nickel alloys and refractory metals. Emphasis on fusion welding processes is primarily focused on Gas Tungsten Arc, Laser and Electron Beam Welding. Previously developed multiple fluxes for activated gas tungsten arc for increased weld penetration on stainless, nickel and cobalt alloys. Experienced in brazing including active brazing, furnace brazing and diffusion brazing. Additionally, welding process development is centered on automated welding processes and adaptive controls.  Prior to his employment with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Roger was employed at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Mound Laboratory, US Navy and General Dynamics.  Formal education includes B.S. in Welding Engineering from the Ohio State University and M.S. in Materials Engineering from the University of Dayton. Roger is a registered Professional Welding Engineer, International Welding Engineer through the International Institute of Welding and a Certified Welding Inspector through the American Welding Society. He is a local section officer for the Northeast Section of the American Welding Society and serves on multiple AWS code committees


B.S.Welding Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1982

M.S. Materials Engineering, The University of Dayton, 1987


Professional Engineer, State of Ohio

International Welding Engineer, International Institute of Welding

Certified Welding Inspector, American Welding Society

National Codes and Standards

Stainless Steel Filler Metals, A5D, American Welding Society

Structural Welding Code, Stainless Steel, D1K, American Welding Society

High Energy Density Welding and Cutting, C7, American Welding Society


Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Materials Joining, 1985 - present

Idaho National Laboratory, Materials and Fuels Complex, 2003 - 2005

DOE Mound Laboratory, 1985 - 2003

US Naval Surface Weapons Center, Dahlgren Laboratory, 1983 - 1985

General Dynamics Land Systems Division, 1982-1983