Raphael C Pooser

Raphael C Pooser

Research Scientist

Dr. Pooser is an expert in continuous variable quantum optics. He leads the quantum sensing team within the quantum information science group. His research interests include quantum computing, neuromorphic computing, and sensing. He currently leads the Quantum Computing Testbed project at ORNL, a large multi institution collaboration. He has also developed a quantum sensing program from the ground up based on quantum networks over a number of years at ORNL. He has been working to demonstrate that continuous variable quantum optics, quantum noise reduction in particular, has important uses in the quantum information field. One of his goals is to show that the quantum control and error correction required in computing applications are directly applicable to quantum sensing efforts. He is also interested in highlighting the practicality of these systems, demonstrating their ease of use and broad applicability. His research model uses quantum sensors as a showcase for the technologies that will enable quantum computing. Dr. Pooser has over 16 years of quantum information science experience, having led the quantum sensing program at ORNL over the past eight. Dr. Pooser publishes in high impact journals, including in Science, Nature, and Physical Review Letters. He previously served as a distinguished Wigner Fellow. He also worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Laser Cooling and Trapping Group at NIST after receiving his PhD in Engineering Physics from the University of Virginia. He received a B.S. in Physics from New York University, graduating Cum Laude on an accelerated schedule. Dr. Pooser is active in the community, having served as a spokesperson for United Way and for the Boys and Girls Clubs of the TN Valley on many occasions in addition to volunteer work.

UT-Battelle Awards Night; Scientific Research Accomplishment award for “pioneering work in quantum sensing beyond the Heisenberg Limit,” 2015.

Significant Event Award; “New Discovery of Plasmonic Mediation of Quantum Information,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2013.

Wigner Fellowship at Oak Ridge National Lab, 2009 - 2011.

First place in Sigma Xi poster competition, 2009.

Intelligence Community Postdoctoral fellowship at NIST, 2007 - 2009.

First place in interdepartmental poster competition, UVA, 2005.

Physics qualifying exam Distinction title, 2003.

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Quantum Random Number Generator, R.C. Pooser, US Patent 9,335,973

Self-correcting random number generator, RC Pooser, TS Humble, Patent App. 14/178,863 (granted)

System and Method for Secured Communication; US Patent 20,150,288,517