Paul E Abraham

Paul E Abraham

Bioanalytical Chemist


Dr. Paul E. Abraham is a Bioanalytical Chemist in the Chemical Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He has over 10 years of experience in biological mass spectrometry, with a particular focus on the development and application of new innovative, high-throughput, mass spectrometry-based approaches to achieve systems-level understanding of plants, microbes, and microbial communities. His research plays a key role in interdisciplinary approaches to integrate large-scale systems biology (i.e., genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and other “-omics”) with computational biology and systems-scale modeling of biological networks to comprehensively understand the fundamental principles driving biological systems under changing conditions. Dr. Abraham’s major research focus is to fill these knowledge gaps to enable the design and engineering of plants and microbes to confer new functionalities for defined purposes and, in turn, learn from re-engineered organisms.



recent 10 peer-reviewed manuscripts

  • Abraham PE, Garcia BJ, Gunter LE, Jawdy SS, Engle N, Yang X, Jacobson DA, Hettich RL, Tuskan GA, Tschaplinski TJ. Quantitative proteome profile of water deficit stress responses in eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) leaves.Plos One. 2018
  • Enganti R, Cho SK, Toperzer JD, Urquidi-Camacho RA, Cakir OS, Ray AP, Abraham PE, Hettich RL, von Arnim AG. Phosphorylation of Ribosomal Protein RPS6 Integrates Light Signals and Circadian Clock Signals. Front Plant Sci. 2018
  • Johnson CW, Abraham PE, Linger JG, Khanna P, Hettich RL, Beckham GT. Eliminating a global regulator of carbon catabolite repression enhances the conversion of aromatic lignin monomers to muconate in Pseudomonas putida KT2440. Metab Eng Commun. 2017
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  • Wippler J, Kleiner M, Lott C, Gruhl A, Abraham PE, Giannone RJ, Young JC, Hettich RL, Dubilier N. Transcriptomic and proteomic insights into innate immunity and adaptations to a symbiotic lifestyle in the gutless marine worm Olavius algarvensis. BMC Genomics 2016.
  • Qian C, Johs A, Chen H, Mann BF, Lu X, Abraham PE, Hettich RL, Gu B. Global Proteome Response to Deletion of Genes Related to Mercury Methylation and Dissimilatory Metal Reduction Reveals Changes in Respiratory Metabolism in Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA. J Proteome Res. 2016.
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  • Abraham PE, Adams R, Tuskan GA, Hettich RL. Moving Away from the Reference Genome: Evaluating Single Amino Acid Polymorphism Identifications from a Peptide Sequencing Tagging Approach for the Genus Populus. Journal of Proteome Research, 2013, vol. 12, 3642-3651.
  • Abraham PE, Giannone RJ, Adams R, Kalluri UC, Tuskan GA, Hettich RL. Putting the Pieces Together: High-performance LC-MS/MS Provides Network-, Pathway-, and Protein-level Perspectives in Populus. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 2013, vol. 12, 106-09