Niraj Kunwar

Niraj Kunwar

R & D Associate Staff, Building Envelope Materials Research

Dr. Niraj Kunwar's research is in the area of building energy modeling, daylight analysis, window attachments and building-grid interaction. He has more than 7 years of research experience in the area of building energy efficiency which included both experimental and simulation based works. He has worked on a number of projects involving physics/ data driven modeling and validation/calibration of the model with experimental data from the building. He is also interested on application of data visualization and machine learning in the area of building science. Dr. Kunwar currently works as a R & D Associate Staff in the BEMR group at ORNL. Before joining ORNL, he completed his Master's and PhD in Mechanical engineering from Iowa State University. 

Dr. Kunwar is a member of ASHRAE, he serves as webmaster in Technical Committee 4.5  (Fenestration).


ASHRAE Graduate Student Grant-In-Aid Award recipient (2017-2018)

GPSS Travel Professional Advancement Grant, Iowa State University (2017,2018)

COMPEX Nepal scholarship provided by Government of India to study at NIT Durgapur (2008-2012)