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Mikael M Salonvaara

Senior R&D Staff Member

Mikael Salonvaara is Building Scientist with 30+ years of experience in thermal and moisture modeling, model development, building envelope testing, building forensics, and project management.

His research interests are in the hygrothermal performance of buildings and building envelope systems, thermal storage, high-performance insulation materials, and artificial intelligence for buildings.



Senior R&D Staff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory             2019 Jan–Present

Building Science Leader/Principal Scientist, Owens Corning Sc. & Tech., LLC                                                                            2010-2019

Senior Building Scientist, Huber Engineered Woods, LLC      2006-2010

Research Scientist, Syracuse University                              2004-2006

Research Scientist, VTT Building Technology, Finland    1988-2004

Guest Researcher, Institute for Research in Construction/NRC Canada                                                                                   1994-1995



  • Provisional patent application on “Method to cut vacuum insulation panels without losing vacuum”, 2020
  • Co-inventor of two patents on “Roof insulation systems” – (Owens Corning), 2018.
  • Co-inventor of “An apparatus for connecting framing components of a building structure to a foundation wall includes a connector having a generally L-shaped cross-section.” – (Huber), 2012.


  • Owens Corning (OC): Slayter award: Speed of Commercialization for Buried Ducts, 2016
  • OC: Pinnacle awards (2), 2016
  • OC: Board of Directors Cup: High-Performance Conditioned Attic (HPCA), 2015