Maxim A Ziatdinov

Maxim A Ziatdinov

Post-Doctoral Research Associate


Maxim Ziatdinov is a postdoctoral research associate at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences and Institute for Functional Imaging of Materials at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received his PhD degree in materials science and engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2014. His current research focuses on scanning probe microscopy of strongly correlated materials, including high-temperature superconductors and Kitaev materials, as well as on application of machine learning and pattern recognition tools to extracting new knowledge from experimental datasets.


  1. Extracting new knowledge from scanning probe and electron microscopy experiments within physics-constrained frameworks of machine learning and multivariate analysis. Nanoscale local inhomogeneity associated with intertwined structural and electronic orders in many quantum materials with strong electron correlation may have a profound and non-random effect on their (technologically relevant) macroscopic properties. We are developing new approaches for analysing local probe microscopic and spectroscopic data from functional materials with unconventional electronic and magnetic properties within physics-robust frameworks of machine learning and multivariate statistics. Our methods allow extracting and accurate mapping of statistically significant structure-property relationships on a local scale in an automated fashion of a complete information extraction.
  2. Thin films oxides. Electronic, magnetic and structural properties of quasi-2D thin films may be different from those in the bulk, and can also be heavily influenced (and, ideally, controlled) by a substrate. I am interested in in-situ growth of oxide thin films by means of pulsed laser deposition and their subsequent characterization using a combination of various scanning probe and spectroscopic techniques.
  3. Materials informatics. I am a part of a collaboration that applies "Big Data" style analysis to existing scientific literature for accelerating design of novel materials with specific functionalities.


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